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Treat yourself to warmth and comfort with our black shaved beaver fur earmuffs for women - an eco-luxury winter essential made from recycled beaver fur.

The sheared beaver is one of the softest fur and with the black velvet hoop, you will be very comfortable while being warm in the cold season.

Plus this accessory is perfect for keeping ears warm without having messy hair.

Ideal for a look that stands out with an eco-luxe product.

  • These winter earmuffs are made from genuine recycled fur from good second-hand fur coats to ensure animal protection.
  • Handcrafted in Canada for a guilt-free style statement

  • Universal size. You can adjust the size by slightly turning the round part of the earmuffs.


MATERIALS: Velvet hoop, recycled fur (fur cleaned and smells good).

Product No: COCR1