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How to choose your hat?

Here's how to choose the right aviator or winter style hat.

1. The first thing to ask yourself is what activities are you going to do with the hat on?

- Is it for fall, winter, spring or summer? 

Our leather aviator cats are perfect for summer, fall and spring and for convertible driving. But they aren't made for winters below 0° C (32° F). If you want to wear your hat in winter, you will need a fur or sheepskin hat.

For convertibles rides on cold days, between 0-5° C (32-41° F), we recommend a sheepskin-lined or fur hat because you have to consider the wind chill factor.

leather convertible driving hat


 2. Will you wear it during physical activities?

Fur and sheepskin hats can be worn during light physical activities such as walking, ice skating, downhill skiing, etc., hence during activities activities that don't really involve sweating.

For more intense physical activities that cause perspiration, fur/sheepskin hats are not recommended because they are too hot and sweating will destroy the fur.


2. What are the warmest furs?

Here are the furs from the warmest, to the least warm:

- Coyote/Wolf/Fox

- Beaver/Raccoon

- Sheepskin/Mink/Muskrat/Sheared Beaver

The warmest furs hats (coyote/wolf/fox) are more suitable for staying outside in a stationary position without moving too much when exposed to the wind (e.g. winter photographers, hunters, ice fishing) and for very cold temperatures.

Other furs are suitable for most people during winter outings. 


4. What are your warmest hat designs?

Simon and Antoine model fur hats since they are fur-lined. We use short and soft fur, usually either mink or muskrat for the interior fur-lined part (this part is not visible from the outside).

Next for warmth, there is the trapper hat in felt, followed by the trapper hats with leather.

Finally, there are the Russian and Charles ushanka model hats.

fur aviator hat


Of course in the end, you should consider your personal taste and sensitivity to cold; some are always cold while others get hot easily.

Also, a rule that works well in general is to choose fur that is in the same shades as your hair or beard for men.

Lately, you must measure your head circumference with a soft tape measure to choose the right size. At Côté Cuir, you can consult the size chart of each hat by clicking on the hat that interests you. Once on the product page, you must scroll down the web page and you will see the size chart table and explanations on how to measure the head circumference.


Happy shopping!