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About Us

- Côté Cuir is a family business founded in 1998 by Lucie Côté.

- Côté Cuir (pronounced kote kyir) means «leather side» in French and it's also a play on words because Côté can be a word and a last name, and that's Lucie's last name.

- Our products are proudly made in Quebec, the French province of Canada, with natural and quality materials that are healthy for the environment. All in a traditional way and by hand.

- We chose recycled fur instead of new fur because it's eco-friendly by recovering fur coats and this allows fitting into a sustainable consumption and circular economy. And above all, it protects fur-bearers from exploitation.

- In addition, recycled fur is good for the environment as opposed to faux-fur, because faux is made from petroleum, therefore non-biodegradable. We cleaned good fur coats at a specialist fur cleaner and use these to make fur items. Leather and sheepskin are genuine, excellent quality and new.

- Items are made in our workshop. Lucie has been working with leather for 32 years, she acquired her expertise in leather by working 7 years for a handbag artist, whose products are sold in shops of the Old Quebec City.
  • In 1998, Côté Cuir business was founded by Lucie Côté. In the beginning, Lucie was working as a subcontractor for a fur-hats artisan.
  • In 2008, she started her own products, she began to sell in craft shows.
  • In 2012, she begun to sell online.
Thank you for your support for natural materials, healthy for the environment and handmade in Canada, North America.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Lucie and her daughter Marianne who works with her:
Marianne and Lucie

Some pictures from the workshop:
Cutting leather with a clicker:
 Cutting leather with a press
Production of leather aviator hats in several sizes. They are ready to be sewn:
aviator hats ready to be swen
Sewing hats on various sewing machines:
Sews a leather piece
A woman sews a piece of leather