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FAQ: Frequenly Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Simon model hat and the Antoine model?

The difference is in the leather on the sides. The Simon model has a circle and the Antoine model has a triangular shape on each side.

Consult the attached blog article How to choose your hat which mentions which furs are the warmest.

Where can I find the sizing chart?

To see the sizing chart that corresponds to each hat, you must click on the product you are interested in, not just use the quick view on the desktop, but really go to the product page. Once there, you must scroll down the page and you will see the size chart and explanations on how to measure the head.

How many days do you take to ship orders?

Processing time is 1-2 business days. We can ship the same day if it is possible for us.

Are the products ready to ship?

Yes, the hats are already made and ready to ship.

Is it possible to choose an Express delivery option?

Yes, several delivery options are available, including a 1-Day delivery option with UPS for the USA and Canada.

Do you ship to multiple countries?

Yes, we ship to most countries and offer multiple delivery options. In the shopping cart you can see a delivery estimate by entering your country and postal code.

Will I have to pay customs fees for parcels destined for Europe?

Yes, you will have to pay VAT on delivery because we are in Canada and we do not have a VAT number for Europe. Please see the Shipping Policies page for further explanation under the Europe tab.

Please see the Shipping Policies page for more answers to your questions.

If it doesn't fit, is it possible to return or exchange it?

Yes, you have 30 days to make a return. Please see the Returns Policies page for more information and how to make a return.

If the desired product or size is sold out, will it be back in stock soon?

Yes, some products and sizes will be back in stock. To be notified, you need to click on the product you are interested in, not just use the quick view on the desktop, but really go to the product page. Then you click on the desired size and you will see the blue button "Sold Out". Just below, it is written "Notify Me When Available", click on this sentence, and a window will appear and you can enter your email to be notified when the size or the product is back in stock. If this sentence does not appear, the product or size will not be back in stock soon.

What type of leather do you use and is it brand new?

We use soft cowhide leather. And all the leather is brand new.

Is the sheepskin brand new or recycled?

The sheepskin is brand new.

What is Recycled Fur?

Recycled fur comes from good used fur coats that we have been cleaned by a specialist fur cleaner. Recycled fur is eco-friendly by recovering fur coats, this allows fitting into a sustainable consumption and circular economy. And above all, it protects fur-bearers from exploitation.

In addition, recycled fur is good for the environment as opposed to faux-fur, because faux-fur is made from petroleum, therefore non-biodegradable.

Will an item made from recycled fur have the same lifespan as one from new fur?

Yes, it will be similar. What affects a fur item's lifespan is its use, maintenance, and storage.

Why isn't the price of recycled fur items lower?

It takes longer to make an item with recycled fur than with new fur. We must find the fur coats, have them cleaned, take them off, etc.

Can we have a hat made from our own fur coat? Unfortunately, we no longer offer this service.

Do you buy used fur coats?

No, currently we don't buy fur, but if you want to give it to us we are takers. If you absolutely want to sell your furs, we suggest you put them up for sale on second-hand sale sites.

Leather Care

- Apply a standard leather cream or grease to nourish the leather. The cream can be purchased from a shoe store or a shoemaker. After the cream has dried for a few hours or overnight, you can apply waterproofing spray, if desired.  

- The brown vintage leather will darken with the application of any product. The leather has been processed to produce a vintage look. This increases its porosity, enabling it to absorb more products at the same time and become darker. Before applying any products, put some on the inner part of the straps as a test.

Fur Care

We provide a sheet with all care and storage instructions for any fur or sheepskin purchase.

- Use a soft hairbrush or cat brush to restore the fur if is flattened or crushed or if the fur hairs become disarrayed. If this fails to produce desired results, slightly moisten the hairbrush with water and then brush the fur hairs. Then, dry with a hairdryer at a low temperature while brushing occasionally until the fur is dry. Move the hairdryer around the fur and do not fix it on one spot. This should restore the fur to its natural beauty.

- You can wear your fur hat when it’s snowing, but prevent it from getting soaked. If the fur becomes wet with snow, see the Storage section fo instructions.

- Avoid wearing your fur hat during any physical activity producing perspiration on your head. Sweat and humidity are harmful to the fur, and can eventually destroy it.

- For Simon and Antoine model aviator hats that are fur-lined. You should clean your hat if you have perspired in it. Simply turn it inside out and gently wipe the perspiration away with a clean, damp cloth. Note: The hide of the undercoat should not be wet, only wipe the hair, not the hide. Then, dry the fur with a hairdryer at low temperature to remove any moisture. Remember to keep the dryer moving around the fur and do not fix it on one spot. Finally, brush the fur and when dry, simply turn the hat back into its original shape.

- If the fur becomes soiled, clean it as noted above, or have it cleaned professionally by a specialized fur cleaner. Do not send your fur hat to a dry cleaner, launder it, put it in a clothes washer, or immerse it in water.

- We strongly recommend having your fur hat cleaned professionally by a specialized fur cleaner depending on how often it is used. If you wear your hat often and you have perspired with it, have it cleaned professionally once a year at the end of the season. For only occasional use, it is sufficient to clean your hat every 2 – 3 years. This will restore its natural beauty and make the fur soft and silky.


- Do NOT put your fur hat in a plastic bag; the fur must be able to “breathe”.

- If the fur gets wet from snowfall, shake the snow off and allow it to air-dry in a ventilated area or blow it gently with a hairdryer at low temperature. Move the dryer around the fur, do not fix it on one spot, and brush the fur after.

- Never place your fur hat next to a heat source such as a radiator, fireplace, etc.

- Store your hat in a dry closet and avoid any moisture since it will destroy the fur.