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Copper retro aviator goggles

Ideal for motorcycle/scooter, biker, convertible riding, retro aviator/pilot, costume, etc.

Goggles made to conform to the face for a perfect fit and improved peripheral vision.

Adjustable strap, anti-fog, UV protection, shockproof, flexible, windbreak and sand proof. Foam padding around the inside edge for assured comfort. Folds in half easily.

Suitable for open-face motorcycle helmets.

Frame Color: Copper
Lens Color: Smoked
Dimensions: 18 x 7 cm (7 x 2 3/4")
Universal size: For adults and children
Materials: ABS plastic
Lens Material: Polystyrene (PC)


1. Adjustable
2. Anti-fog
3. UV protection
4. Ultra-lightweight
5. Anti-glare
6. Comfortable
7. Flexible
8. Peripheral vision
9. Multifunctions

Made in China

Hat not included

Product No: LARB