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Black Leather Aviator Helmet - William Model without Visor

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Size: XSmall

Goggles Option: Hat Only

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Walk around in style with our William model black leather aviator helmet, without visor, for women!

This unique design is influenced by the old aviation period with its round sides, thus embodying a timeless vintage charm.

This accessory in soft quality black leather will effortlessly increase your style and protect you from the elements. Pair with aviator goggles for the perfect look and ultimate protection.

This aviator hat allows you to participate in style in outdoor activities, convertible car rides, costume parties, etc. It stays well attached with antique brass snaps.

  • Handcrafted from high-quality materials, this unisex hat is durable.
  • This black leather aviator hat with its vintage-inspired design is a timeless accessory that will never go out of style.

    Note, that zippers can open and create little pouches, but THERE IS NO HOLE THAT GOES INSIDE THE HAT. 

    This is a soft leather helmet, so it's Not DOT-approved for motorcycles.

    Aviator goggles, black or chrome frame, and tinted lenses (Entry-level faux leather and plastic goggles, imported).

    Handmade hats in Canada.

    MATERIALS:100% genuine brand new leather, nylon lining.

    Product No: CA9

    Size Chart:

    Hat Sizes

    Head Circumference*
    Inches and

    Hat Sizes
    XSmall 20 3/4 – 21 1/4"
    (52,7 - 54 cm)
    6 5/8 - 6 3/4
    Small 21 1/4 – 21 7/8"
    (54 - 55,5 cm)
    6 3/4 – 6 7/8
    Medium 22 - 22 1/2"
    (56 - 57,3 cm)
    7 – 7 1/8
    22 3/4 - 23 3/8"
    (58 - 59,3 cm)
    7 1/4 - 7 3/8
    23 1/2 - 24"
    (59,7 - 61 cm)
    7 1/2 - 7 5/8

    24 – 24 1/2"
    (61 - 62,3 cm)
    7 5/8 – 7 3/4

    25 1/2 – 26"
    (64,8 – 66 cm)
    7 7/8 - 8


    * Measure the head size:

    - Use a soft sewing tape measure and start from the bottom of the forehead, just over the eyebrows and wrap it around your head at the widest part on the back.

    - If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can take a non-elastic string or rope and after wrapping it around your head, put it on the table and measure it with a tape measure or ruler.

    - Don’t take the measurement loose or very tight, but snug.

    - Take the measurement 2-3 times to be sure it is correct.

    - We recommend that you follow this size chart. If you take a size larger than indicated, the hat may be too large.

    - If you want, you can tell us your head circumference it can help us to find the perfect hat for you, in your size. Do it by adding a message to your order in the cart by clicking on the sentence "You can add a message here to your order" in the gray rectangle.

    - If you have questions on which size to choose or anything else, you can ask us and we will help you.

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