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Fur Aviator Hat, Muskrat Fur, Brown Leather

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Fur aviator hat made with recycled muskrat fur and leather, old brown color, for men. Unisex hat.

- Muskrat fur is short and very soft. The inside is fur-lined, so it's warm, and comfortable.

  • Adjustable straps on each side, which allows the hat to be attached under the chin and upwards, with snaps fasteners.
  • A buckle at the back of the hat allows tightening if necessary.

► The beaver fur color may vary a little from pictures, we work with natural and unique materials and that's the beauty of each product.

- Handmade hat in workshop in Canada.

MATERIALS: 100% genuine new leather, recycled fur (Fur cleaned and smell good). Recycled fur comes from fur coats. To learn more about recycled fur, click here.

Product No: CA62


Head size*

Small 21 - 21 3/4" 53 - 55,5 cm
Medium 22 - 22 1/2" 56 - 57,5 cm
Large 23 - 23 1/2" 58 - 59,7 cm
XLarge 24 - 24 1/2" 61- 62,5 cm

* Measure head size:

- Use a soft tape measure and start from the bottom of the forehead, just over eyebrows and past it around your head at the widest part.

- If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can take a string or a rope that is not elastic and after going around your head you put it on the table and measure with a construction tape measure or a ruler.

- If you are between two sizes, we suggest you to choose the larger one.

- If you have questions on which size to choose or anything else, you can ask us and we will help you.

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